Some considerations about Kibana 7.11


We updated to Elastic 7.11.2 last week and I need to tell you about some functionalities that are sub-optimal..

  1. We can no longer right-click on a lot of stuff... Not on dashboard right click open in another page etc. As I was using this all the time, I'm loosing time, because I have to open Kibana in another tab in another way which just takes more time to do the same.. Please give us back the possibility to right-click and open in another tab.

  1. Who tought it was a good idea to move the include / exclude / colomn buttons all the way to the right of the screen..... This is just ridiculous as on a QHD screen this means I have to move my mouse all the way to the other side, which makes browsing Kibana much slower. Please move them back to the left. :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening.



Hey, thanks a lot for your feedback. About the first one: This will be fixed in 7.12 which will be released very soon (


The include/exclude buttons will be moved to the left in 7.13: [Discover] Move doc viewer table row actions to left by kertal · Pull Request #95064 · elastic/kibana · GitHub


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