Kibana left side changes on right side's variable click


I am learning about Kibana and its features so I wanted to know whether Kibana support the feature of having dependent visualization. Something like if I click on a variable or link present in right side then left side should populate with its detail. Is it possible?

Or can we create this kind of logic using Vega ?


Hi @Fiza .

If those variables/links represent subsets of your data, you could consider using dashboard controls.

Otherwise, I'd probably call what you're describing navigation. You can create a navigation system on a dashboard by adding a markdown panel with links to other dashboards.

Say you had four links that should each load a different visualization. You could create four dashboards, each with a markdown visualization which links to all the other dashboards. Next to the markdown visualization on each dashboard, you could insert the visualization(s) you want displayed.

See the "Table of Contents" panel to the left of this dashboard

We're also currently working on a more robust dashboard navigation solution that will make this even easier.

Does this help?

Hi @Andrew_Tate ,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes I got your point. I am already using navigation in my dashboards.
In the dashboard there are multiple visualization. I only want one visualization should change like a table is showing few values and on clicking one of the variable, detail information comes up either in form of pop up or left side of that visualization.
And those variables depend on data which can be n in number.

Hi @Fiza . No, we don't support this conditional hide/show behavior.

I think the closest you could get is by relying on hyperlinks and multiple dashboards as I described above (in your case, you'd duplicate that dashboard and replace just the visualization you want to have change when a link is clicked).

Feel free to open an issue if you want the team to evaluate this as an enhancement request.

Hi @Andrew_Tate . Thanks for your response.

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