Kibana Lens Dashboard new headline with other values/filter


i want to add a new headline here, where i can check other fields.

But i don't want a new column on the right but a new headline that is independent so I can place customs counts... in it. It should look like this:

Sorry if this a realy simple question, but don't found that quick in the internet :slight_smile:
If this isn't possible with the UI of Kibana Lens maybe with query?

in Lens select the field on the right and edit the "Display name" get a table that looks like

or maybe you're asking about something other then the field values? Try the filters aggregation option to specify your own rows with KQL

Hi, thanks for your reply!
I meant I want another row like the 488 in my Picture below (font f). So to say two independent tables but in one lens data table.
But i don't know how to realize this. It would look like this (don't know how to add the last row)

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