Kibana map inport china_provinces_v1.geojson but Chinese charactor unidentifiable

I used Kibana map, import geojson file download from china_provinces_v1.geojson, but Chinese charactor unidentifiable. I get doc from Dev Tools and see unidentifiable chinese charactor.
But if I use online elastic map service, the China provinces labal_zh charactor right.
I have tested in ES+Kibana versions 7.5.2 7.9.3 7.10.1 all same issue.

Hi @yorkzhang

Thanks for the post.
This is a known issue when using the GeoJSON file upload.
We hope to address it in the near future.

Kent M.
Product Manager, Elastic, Maps

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This has actually recently been resolved here. The fix will be available in version 7.11.



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