KIbana Maps Join Field not being displayed in the map

Hi, I'm using Kibana Maps and trying to display a sum of capital on each boundary layer associated with it. Before I was able to display but with the latest Kibana version it doesn´t display the sum in the map itsefl, only in the tooltip as the join field appears as blocked.

Do you know if Kibana removed that feature?

You can see that the sum capital as jopin field is being blocked where before I was perfectly able to display that metric. Thanks

Which version are you running of the Stack?

Thanks Jorge. I´m using version 8.8.

Hi @MartinGarcia ,

Thanks for asking this question. Data driven styling from join metrics with 'Label', 'Label size', icon 'Symbol size', and 'Symbol orientation' style properties are not supported with vector tiles. To use a join metric, you have to change scaling to "Limit results". Under "Scaling", select "Limit results" option.

The reasons for this limitation are very technical. Maplibre, the map engine used to display the map, has 2 types of styling properties - paint and layout. Paint properties, like color, are less resource intensive to update. Layout properties, like label, are more resource intensive to update. When using vector tiles, join properties are added to features from vector tiles with something called feature state. Layout properties do not support feature state and thus the limitation. When using "Limit results", the underlying implementation loads GeoJSON directly into maplibre. The joined properties are added directly into the feature properties so there is no use of feature state and thus no limitation on the styling

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