Region join a multivalued field (maps)

Hi everyone,

Playing with maps on ES 7.10.2, I'm stuck and I need help.

I have a first index containing areas and sub areas (geojson) with a code (ID).
I have another index containing documents (with a field area_id)
--> I want to display the count of documents on each related region with colors

There is no problem when the field area_id contains a single value. It works !!

But many of the documents have their field 'area_id' set to several values (as an Array of value) and in this case regions don't match the documents (and of course the displayed count is wrong).

I created (Ruby in Logstash or painless in scripted field) a new field of type 'keyword' containing all the values separated by space for joining but without success.

Thank you for your help.

Joining does not currently support an array of values or space delimited values. Mind creating an enhancement issue at

Please describe your use case in the issue.


Thank you @Nathan_Reese for your reply,

It looks like documents are joining correctly this morning .... Maybe I was tired.
What I've checked and changed are:

  • The time range (Maybe the documents didn't match the period)
  • I unchecked the option 'Apply global filter' to the displayed areas as these docs don't have the filtered fields...

So I think the feature is already implemented ^^

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