Kibana maps type - search_as_you_type as unknown in the index pattern

I am using elasticsearch/kibana - 7.9.8 and I am trying create a suggestions API using search_as_you_type data type. However, when I add the mapping to the index with certain fields as search_as_you_type kibana index pattern identified those fields as 'unknown' as shown in the below picture which I think end up kibana not being able to discover the indexed documents using an index pattern.

Is there a way to properly add the date types into kibana index pattern ?

Right now Kibana doesn't have support for search_as_you_type. Depending on what you want to do exactly, to work with the values in Kibana you could index them as another field type along with the search_as_you_type type (keyword and/or text make the most sense).

Check out the description here for how to set up your index: fields | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic

Thank you for the quick response @flash1293 :slight_smile:

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