Kibana monitoring blank page because cluster_uuid mapping change

Hi all,

Yesterday I upgraded my elasticsearch and kibana from 7.12.0 to 7.12.1. I upgraded metricbeat and filebeat too that I used to monitoring and parse logs from elasticsearch.

Today when I enter on monitoring page it shows an empty page. I could see that endpoint http://myhost:5601/api/monitoring/v1/clusters response empty.

I checked indices was created and it has data. But I see a sensible mapping changes that could explain the error:
Today index has cluster_uuid as text and keyword but yesterday only as keyword.
When I search monitoring with ranges of yesterday works well, but after new index was created monitoring shows empty.

Yesterday index mapping:
Today index mapping:

I don't have idea how can fix that and if it was a known bug and it was fixed in news releases.

Any help could be appreciated. If you need any more info please tell me.

Thanks in advance,


I found the problem.
I defined an _index_template to override settings of .monitoring indices.
New index and component template have high precedence over old templates and monitoring mapping is defined with old templates.
So empty mapping override template of monitoring and default mapping is applied.

Did you update to new index/component template on any newest kibana versions? If not, do you have plan to update?


I don't see any sort of issue based on your question here:

It is a valid question though. I would recommend filing a request to have the monitoring indices defined with the "new" index template format.

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