Kibana Multi User Graph


I need to create a graph in kibana where i need to identify the list of email id's loggged in from different countries.lets say email id is and the user belongs to India but his password has been compromised and the hacker has attempted from different countries. I plotted against aggregation field (buckets) ll be my email id [top 25] and the subbucket ll be the list of countries [top5]. but in this I faced a challenge in this lets say a particular user has logged in only from India and he comes under top25 he must not be listed but that user is also coming in my graph

I need only the users who has tried to logged in from different countries.please help out

If I understand the requirement correctly it is to get a list of the users with the most countries.
In elasticsearch this would be achieved by sorting the emailIDs by the cardinality (or "unique count") of country.
In Kibana a bar chart that does this would be configured like this :

In my example I'm finding companies with the most investors but in your case it would be emails with the most countries.

Thanks a lot Mark...It worked

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