Kibana multicluster monitoring

Does Kibana support Multicluster monitoring?

I have a Rancher 2.x setup which has got two clusters and Kibana has been deployed to each of the clusters. Now as a site requirement we want to monitor the indexes from both the clusters of Rancher using an Ingress controller/Load balancing. I mean there must be a common kibana url to access both the clusters. Since we are preparing a disaster recovery site we need to monitor both the clusters


Hi @chinmoy_padhi -- So you have two clusters, and you want to work with them from one Kibana? It sounds like you may want to configure remote clusters (which also has a section in Kibana management). Once that's set up, you can create an Index Pattern using cross-cluster search to query against both of them.

Multicluster Monitoring is available with a Gold or above license -

Thanks @warkolm,

But what I found cross-cluster replication is available on GCP,Azure,AWS cloud platforms with Platinum & Enterprise license. But our infrastructure is built on Rancher2 + Kubernetes. Mostly on RKE platform. Could you please suggest how I can get the details of subsciptions or any support email to post my query to get the pricing details. Thanks once again. Mostly this is not a technical reply but curious to know the subscription & pricing

Head on over to, that will be routed to the best person to chat to :slight_smile:

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