[Kibana] - Multiple Indexes Bubble Chart

Hi guys,

Thanks in advance for your time,
I'm trying to find a way to create the equivalent chart below (Area) calling 2 different indexes :

In my case I have :

  • index1 with rates1 coming from source1
  • index2 with rates2/quantity2 coming from source2

I'd like to do exactly what is done by this graph (this is "[Flights] Flight Count and Average Ticket Price" available on your demo site) but using 2 different indexes.
rates1(from index1) and rates2(from index2) would be on the same Y-axis (roughly identical) and quantity2 would define the radius of the points.

It doesn't seem to be possible using Area chart and as far as I know only TSBV and Timelion can reach different indexes.

  • Timelion : I don't think / I didn't find a way to adapt the radius of its points based on a particular field
  • TSBV : In Data > Options > Chart Type there are only Line and Bar (which doesn't fit my needs of 'adaptive radius')

I hope it's clear

If it's not something currently possible, is it worth it to open an improvement request ?


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