Kibana Not returning search

Hi, I have my message field as [paymentFailureCronJob::de.hybris.platform.servicelayer.internal.jalo.ServicelayerJob] (paymentFailureCronJob) [OrderFulfillmentIssuesJob] CronJob finished .
When I search in kibana using message:*payment* I get results.
However, when I search using message:*paymentFailure* or message:*Failure* I don't get anything back.
I think all of these 3 queries are essentially same so not sure why the last two not returning

message is not analysed and is string

Can you try adding lowercase_expanded_terms to your query string options in advanced settings? It will look something like for docs on what's happening on the elasticsearch end

Did that but still no joy.

{ "analyze_wildcard": true, "lowercase_expanded_terms": false }