Kibana or X-Pack cache issue

It happened again second time. After deleting some indexes inducing ones with "." I can't load Kibana apart from the Monitoring screen with the error below. My elastic works perfectly! so the error message has nothing to do with elastic. Last time it recovered itself next day.

One strange thing is that Monitoring shows some deleted indexes with unknown status as below. When I run GET _cat_indexes there in now deleted indexes. So there is some kibana or x-pack cache that most likely prevents loading other pages. Rebooting server does not delete that cache and I keep seeing deleted indexes in monitoring

can you please advise what I need to do to COMPLETELY remove all cached staff so that I run Kibaba again. I can't wait for a day when it recovers.

This isn't really a Logstash question so I suggest you edit your post and move it to e.g. the Kibana category.

Done. Also confirm that the next day everything started working fine. So overnight Kibana or X-pack does something that I can't do manually.

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