Kibana Panel questions based on existing Marvel Indices panel

(Tony Su) #1

I'd like to say that how you've configured Marvel is a real education
looking at this new Kibana.

Q's about the Indices panel

  • The current default configuration allows displaying "20 of 121 indices"
    Am I correct that the only way to display more indices is to simply modify
    the height of the panel?
  • What would be the recommended way to modify the range of indices
    displayed? Am a bit puzzled by the suggestion "Filter indices..." -- Should
    a query instead be entered into that input box? Or should some filter be
    built first and then entered in the input box?
  • I assume that today pagination in this panel is not supported?
  • At the moment I have apache logs indexed. I assume the Precision and
    Derivative (fields?) are just there for other types of data so are not
    relevant to the data I'm looking at? So, for example I assume that
    "Precision" might be tunable for Geospatial data and "Derivative" might be
    something else I can't imagine at the moment?


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