Kibana panels using filters show very low performance

We have a Kibana dashboard with several panels. On these panels, we use filters through kql or just with the "Add filter" option.

The issue is that, when searching a given index pattern, it takes just seconds to load everything. Contrary, with the same index pattern, but specifying a filter, the panel takes even minutes to load properly. Sometimes, the load is even aborted due to timeout.

Is there a way to speed up these queries?

At the moment, we are using version 7.17 of the elastic stack. The data we are querying belongs to APM index pattern.

Which fields are you filtering on and what kind of filters are you using? Depending on how the indices are structured, performance can vary wildly

I'm filtering several fields included in the APM index pattern. Also, in some panels, I'm combining kql filtering and the ones available with the "Add filter" option. I was wondering if this could be the issue...

Could you share the actual filters you are using? It's hard to help you on the general level

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