Kibana plugin 6.0 to 5.6.4


I create a simple plugin on kibana 6.0rc2 from webinar_visualization.
My problem is that I must create the same plugin but on kibana 5.6.4.

I saw that the import is changed so I create as 5.6.4 document and the visualization it look the same as I develop in 6.0.

In 6.0 I have class VisController that render and I also have in this function addEventListener('click'
that I can able to some action when I click on the value.

My problem is that in 5.6.4 I'm not able to start VisController
In 6.0 I just add the following:
import { VisController } from './vis_controller';

return VisFactory.createBaseVisualization({
name: 'webinar_visualization',
title: 'Webinar Vis',
icon: 'fa fa-gear',
description: 'webinar_visualization test',
visualization: VisController,
visConfig: {
defaults: {
// add default parameters
fontSize: 20

I can't find how to call VisController in 5.6.4
to create the Visualization I do the following:
return new TemplateVisType({
name: 'webinar_visualization',
title: 'Webinar Vis',

But I can't found how to call and start VisController.

Please advice how can I convert webinar_visualization from 6.0 to 5.6.4?

The plugin is simple:
Show some key on the screen and when I press on it do some action

Thanks in advance

Sorry @wkpv68, but the visualization architecture changed a lot in 6.0 so there is no concept of VisController in 5.6. Is it possible to upgrade to 6.0, which was just released today?

Thanks, I'll upgrade to 6.0

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