Kibana, Power Bi and Azure

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Actually my question is very specific and it is more related to ELK stack instead of specific component, Kibana. Im doing some POC and i came across ELK stack. I have explore Azure architecture and willing to explore ELK stack now. My solution that im working on is related to Industrial IOT. Is it ideal to use ELK stack for IIOT? i want a solution to be more open ended where i have liberty but microsoft architecture is not that much open ended has alot of limitations especially on visualization part. On the other hand, can we compare Power Bi and Kibana? Can Kibana replace Power bi in terms of features? as of now, we will only be using kibana for visualization of data and at the end we will start predictive maintenance. How useful is kibana or Elk stack if we adopt it right away.

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Hi Mani,

Thanks for asking! The Elastic Stack is very well suited for IoT scenarios. It is an end-to-end solution because of components like Beats - shippers you can install on your IoT devices and easily ship data directly to Elasticsearch or to Elasticsearch via Logstash if you need to enrich your data.

Kibana has a lot of depth for visual analysis and we are adding more functionality all the time. I'd highly recommend taking a look, especially at something we just released called Lens. In addition there are really deep time-series analytical capabilities, dashboards and pixel-perfect visualizations in Canvas. Curious if you have started any evaluation yet - we do have a Cloud offering with a free 14 day trial if you want to take the Stack for a spin.


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