Kibana process automatically respawns when killed

I have a fresh clean install of CentOS 7, ES 7.4 and Kibana 7.4. I have disabled SELinux and firewalld for now.
I installed ES and Kibana according to the guide (

When I start Kibana (service kibana start) the error log says that another instance is already started. When I check the /var/run/, it shows a different PID then when I run 'ps -aux | grep kibana'. If I kill the running PID, it's automatically respawned with a new PID.

For the life of me, I cannot find out why the process is being respawned. If I change the pid file to match the running process, then run "service kibana stop", the PID is removed and again respawned.

I fixed it but I'm not sure why it worked. Apparently "service kibana stop" and "systemctl stop kibana" does different things. When I run the latter, it works to stop the running process. I found that the PID is controlled by systemctl, so I ran "systemctl status " and it showed as kibana.service.

Thanks for sharing your solution, Dan.

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