Kibana reloads while updating query

Hi Team, Am using kibana from version 5.6.4 recently i have upgraded to 7.13.0 version. Am facing reload issue while updating the query. Before version 7.x.x when i change the time duration and click refresh only the widgets gets updated but in 7.x.x kibana itself is reloading i could see multiple .js files getting downloaded in the network call. May i know why this is happening in 7.x.x alone.

It's hard to tell what exactly is going on - could you capture a network recording and upload it here? Also, any special reason are you using 7.13 ? In the remaining versions in the minor up to 7.17 there are a lot of changes and bugs fixed.

Hi Flash,
Changed the filter and clicked refresh, instead of refreshing the widgets it's reloading the whole kibana itself as it's downloading n number of js files, not sure why is this happening. Can you please help me out.

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