Any way that stop reload when switch between diff apps

kibana version: 5.4
any way that stop reload when switch between diff app plugins, its really slow


By too slow, what do you exactly mean? I have 5.4 on my local and it seems fine. Is there anything in the logs? Can you plz elaborate on the steps.


no, but why we have to reload on diff app plugin in kibana


Can you also open Network tab in Dev Tools and see what is the response time you get when you click on an app and switch between the apps.

Are you running Kibana in dev mode or in a local instance on your computer ? Also you can check if your computer is on heavy load running different applications as well. I suspect CPU is loaded. What do the logs say?


There's no way to do this currently. We have a ticket tracking build system changes here, it may be worth weighing in on it.

How slow are page loads for you? They shouldn't be too slow, depending on the app it shouldn't be loading much more than 1-2mb. Are you able to put a proxy in front with caching on?

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