Kibana Reporting- Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

Hi Elastic team.

Can i please ask for assistance on the below error:

There was an error generating your report for the "Response Times Milliseconds" visualization: HeadlessError: Request() error evaluating createPage() call: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

I have been searching everywhere on the internet for answers to this problem. My elastic stack is running on one node.

Version 6.1
X-Pack installed and Licensed (Platinum)
No active firewalls

Can you please explain to me how the reporting process works. Why is it trying to connect to different ports on the system. When I do a telnet to the ports I cannot connect (server not listening on those ports so I get connection refused), so not sure how it is supposed to work.

Hi Francois,

In your configuration (kibana.yml) did you change from the default localhost to something else? Typically either or the external ip of the machine?

What OS are you running the stack on? There is a difference for Windows vs other platforms.

If you're running with Platinum license do you have Security enabled (it would be by default)?

In your kibana.yml do you have these all set;

server.ssl.enabled: true

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