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I'm running my kibana on ECE cluster. I have created a new user, he should only able to watch logs on kibana and should perform any other operations in kibana. These are the following roles attached to kibana user, watcher use, watcher admin, remote monitoring agent to it. But he is not able to watch any of the logs.

Then i change the roles, and I have attached kibana super user role. Now he is able to watch the logs

So, user who only has "super user kibana" permission can view the logs?? is there any other role that which I can add to user, so that he can view the logs.

I appreciate your help.

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I am assuming that you want your user to only read logs here and not perform any write actions. Can you please check if you have given read privilege for your role on your logs index?


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Thank you! @bhavyarm

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