Kibana Searches Custom Highlighting and Pattern Extraction

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My question is I think related to Highlight query functionality in Kibana, I made a search in Kibana that matches component is not matching! and as a result yield messages like this as expected:

[ 2018-05-16 20:48:29,081 5300 WARNING ] Size of "nemo" component is not matching!

What I would like to do is highlight nemo in the UI instead of component is not matching! as it currently happen (with a yellow background colour). I'm a bit confused on how to achieve that.

How can you also extract the nemo pattern from Kibana? A naive regex could be written as follows:

of "(.*)" component



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This isn't currently possible in Kibana today, however we do have a github ticket about it

I'd encourage you to add any details you might have about your use case to that ticket, or at least give it a :+1: if it looks like what you need.

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Hi Bargs,

Thanks, I will! :slight_smile:



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