Kibana server is not ready yet

Hi, I am getting following error. anyone pls. help me ..

Jan 03 13:21:50 siem kibana[10792]: FATAL Error: Unable to complete saved object migrations for the [.kibana_task_manager] index. Please check the health of your Elasticsearch cluster and try again. Unexpected Elasticsearch ResponseError: statusCode: 429, method: PUT, url: /.kibana_task_manager_7.17.11_001/_mapping?timeout=60s error: [cluster_block_exception]: index [.kibana_task_manager_7.17.11_001] blocked by: [TOO_MANY_REQUESTS/12/disk usage exceeded flood-stage watermark, index has read-only-allow-delete block];,


Your Elastic server(s) disks are full.

Yes. Not full like 100% but full enough for Elasticsearch to protect yourself. You need to make some disk space on your elasticsearch cluster and then put again the indices as not read-only anymore.

Can u pls. help me ...
I have 1.66 TB Hard disk space where only 100.09GB used...
However, How to incress Elastic server disk space...
Can u pls. help me ...


Can you do "df -h" and "lsblk" commands on your server ?

You might run it in live mode.

Is that your elasticsearch server(s) ?

This is my elasticsearch server, but I didn't configure it. My system's log is stored here and I just extract the report. but Cant login now...

So here it is,

You're hypervisor is not seeing the used space maybe because of an issue with deleted space and dynamic disk allocution ? i'm not really sure.

But your disk is 96% full, 1.5T used on 1.7T, you can see the line on you lv.

You can easily increase disk size with LVM !

How can I incress elasticsearch server space?

For you my friend,

You have to go to your Vcenter increase the disk space on the ESXi side.

Then you go to your VM.

I assume it's a single node so no need to stop reallocation, in case you're in a cluster you need this procedure Full-cluster restart and rolling restart | Elasticsearch Guide [8.11] | Elastic

I was starting with a full LVM extend procedure but you need to understand that you seem to lack basic system knowledge to deploy elastic.

You'll need to boot your VM in a live mode then disable the logical volume

vchange -a n /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv <-- disable the logical volume
lvscan <-- should return your lv as inactive
pvresize [/dev/DISK] <-- choose your disk using lsblk
vchange -a n /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv
lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv

e2fsck -f /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv
resize2fs /dev/ubuntu-vg/ubuntu-lv

to understand in depth How to Extend/Reduce LVM's (Logical Volume Management) in Linux - Part II

Good luck !

Many many thnx bro...
its working now

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