Kibana service is not running it's waiting with “loading elastic”

When I try to run bin/kibana. I get the below message. When I check the localhost:5601.

Kibana is waiting "loading elastic" message.

How can i solve this problem ?

 log   [16:25:00.767] [info][plugins-service] Plugin "visTypeXy" is disabled.
  log   [16:25:00.864] [warning][config][deprecation] Config key [monitoring.cluster_alerts.email_notifications.email_address] will be required for email notifications to work in 8.0."
  log   [16:25:01.113] [info][plugins-system] Setting up [101] plugins: [....]
  log   [16:25:01.116] [info][plugins][taskManager] TaskManager is identified by the Kibana UUID: ..
  log   [16:25:01.359] [warning][config][plugins][security] Session cookies will be transmitted over insecure connections. This is not recommended.
  log   [16:25:01.609] [info][monitoring][monitoring][plugins] config sourced from: production cluster
  log   [16:25:01.830] [info][savedobjects-service] Waiting until all Elasticsearch nodes are compatible with Kibana before starting saved objects migrations...
  log   [16:25:01.930] [info][savedobjects-service] Starting saved objects migrations
  log   [16:25:02.025] [info][plugins-system] Starting [101] plugins: [.....]
  log   [16:25:03.159] [info][listening] Server running at http://localhost:5601
  log   [16:25:03.891] [info][server][Kibana][http] http server running at http://localhost:5601
  log   [16:25:03.895] [info][plugins][watcher] Your basic license does not support watcher. Please upgrade your license.
  log   [16:25:03.899] [info][crossClusterReplication][plugins] Your basic license does not support crossClusterReplication. Please upgrade your license.
  log   [16:25:03.899] [info][kibana-monitoring][monitoring][monitoring][plugins] Starting monitoring stats collection
  log   [16:32:11.003] [warning][fetcher][plugins][telemetry] Error sending telemetry usage data. (FetchError: request to failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT)

Thanks for answering

That looks ok.

What does Elasticsearch show in it's log?

When I check the localhost:5601.
Kibana is waiting "loading elastic" message.
Kibana is not openning

log [16:25:03.159] [info][listening] Server running at http://localhost:5601

it looks good. please try to stop and restart it again.

Can you please send output of elasticsearch server : http://localhost:9200

I tried to restart. When i curl to es, I get all the nodes and es cluster health is green. But the thing is es makes only one master nodes. But i ve specify five master nodes in elasticsearch.yml (node.master: true) and there is no error message but kibana is just waiting with "loading elastic"

Change your kibana.yml and use ""

Then try to access Kibana from your browser using IP adresse of your host

Can you please post your kibana.yml & elasticsearch.yml

The server-log seems OK . What happens? Does the loading screen never complete?

Can you try again and wait for a few minutes? The first time on startup Kibana needs to compile resources, which may take a while.

If the loading screen still does not disappear, look at the browser debugger (in Chrome, open this with Ctrl-Shift-J) and let me know what is in there. Also , Try first:

  • clear your browser-cache
  • restart Kibana
  • try to use another browser

If this still does not work, please post Kibana.yml & elasticsearch.yml file.

I have deleted all nodes and re-download elasticsearch and kibana so elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml 's are default now. When I run "bin/elasticsearch", elasticsearch is running on 9200 then try to run kibana with "bin/kibana" it says kibana is running. When I check localhost:5601 it's waiting with "loading elastic".
Both doesn't give errors but gives some warning these are:
elasticsearch says "no discovery configuration found" but cluster status is green
kibana says "session cookies will be transmitted over insecure connection" , "saved objects encryptoion key is not set" , "chromium sandbox provides an additional layer of protection but is not supported for Linux CentOS 7.4

Please share Error screenshot also try to clear your browser-cache or use another browser

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