Kibana service uninstall windows 10

Hello Team,

I wanted to uninstall kibana 6.5 service i had installed on windows 10. I tried using cmd with admin previlages and i am not able to do so. When i do sc delete service name, i get openservie failed access denied. I tried to restart machine and did cmd with right click run as admin and still i get same error. Can some one please help me here?


Hi Sunny,
I think we need to know how you installed Kibana as a service. Kibana doesn't have any setup to install a service. Maybe you used NSSM like I do?

To check, if you go to Administrative Tools, Services, and find your kibana service, mine shows;

Path to executable:

And if that's the case, I think you can uninstall the service with something like;

nssm remove kibana

Let us know if that helps or you installed it as a service some other way.


Hello Lee,

Thanks for your feedback. Yes i had installed via NSSM and tried the way you mentioned but for some reason it did not delete the service. Later i had to delete it via regit which removed it completely. Will proceed with installation for 6.7.