Kibana Slow Response After Enabling ELK Security

We have a basic license single node cluster (elastic 7.12.0 and kibana 7.12.0 ) on premise running on docker in a Linux node using http ( http://localhost:9200 and http://localhost:5601 ).

Couple of weeks ago I enabled the security in Elasticsearch and followed through security config guidelines. and every thing was just fine. After a couple of days we noticed that average kibana response times has been increased from 3-6 second to 20-40 seconds!
First of all I suspected in elasticsearch container but everything is fine and queries are fast as before. But when I tested the kibana requests I noticed a weird thing:

I copied one of slow requests from my browser inspector and tested manually with postman.
the request is taking at least 25 to 35 seconds (which is in fact Kibana response time not elastic), but When I remove the cookie header from request and add the basic Authentication to my request headers , the average response time decreases to 3-6 second , just like how it was before enabling security!
I am challenging this issue couple of weeks and I have not been able to configure kibana, not to use cookie or to force all kibana requests to use Authorization header (basic …).

It was the kibana bug in v 7.12.0 !
I updated to kibana 7.12.1 and the problem solved!
kibana query times are now the same as elastic and are not slow anymore.
my server CPU load and usage is also decreased.

Nothing related is written in kibana 7.12.1 release note!

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