Kibana stack monitoring all nodes reported to be master


I recently upgraded my beats, from 7.16.3 to 8.2.3 and after upgrading, for some reason metricbeat is reporting that all elasticsearch nodes are master.

Additionally metricbeat is also reporting a wrong elasticsearch version.


Is this a bug?

@Thuunder7 did you upgrade your whole stack to 8.2.3? what version is your Elasticsearch and Kibana running on? The metricbeat UI in Kibana shows the data stored in your metrics-* elasticsearch indices and if the documents report the same data as what you're seeing in the UI, then there might be something else going on.

Yes i did upgrade whole stack to 8.2.3. First i upgraded elasticsearch nodes and kibana but i gave two weeks until i decided to upgrade metricbeat and logstash. During those 2 weeks with metricbeat being on version 7.16.3 everything looked fine on Kibana stack monitoring, but when i upgraded metricbeat this "issue" appeared.

I looked into metrics-* indices but i only have these two:

And as you can see they both have no documents.

@Thuunder7 I've asked the monitoring team to try and help here.

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@Thuunder7 We've fixed these two bugs in Kibana 8.3!

You can find the related PRs below:

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