Metricbeat 8.2.2 / kibana 8.2.2 All nodes marked as master on kibana's monitoring section

It took me a while to make monitoring with metricbeat working again after the upgrade from 7.17.4 to 8.2.2 (I had to manually delete old .monitoring* indices).

Anyway, as soon as monitoring started working in Kibana, all 6 nodes of my cluster are marked as master (starred). In this cluster, all nodes can be master (all carry data).

There was a similar issue before:

Maybe a regression?

Same for me, mostly just commenting to follow

The linked issue has a label "v8.3.0", so I assume it will be released with that version.

Upgraded to ES 8.3.1 the issue is gone.

Nice work, folks! :orange_heart:

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