Elastic 8.0.0 - Stack Monitoring - All nodes are listed as Master Nodes

I just set Stack Monitoring with Metricbeat for an Elasticsearch 8.0 cluster and I noticed a weird thing: all nodes are reported as Master Nodes (see the star icon in the screenshot below). Any idea what I did wrong?

@matschaffer any ideas on this?

I was (am) also having this same exact problem when I upgraded to Metricbeat 8.0.0 on any node in my cluster - multiple (or sometimes all) nodes keep going back and forth between showing as master, Elasticsearch version number starts showing in the 700's, 800's, 900's, etc. and changing randomly.

Goes back to normal after downgrading all Metricbeat installs back to 7.17.0. Best I could figure was data in the Metricbeat output not getting parsed correctly or something, but haven't been able to find a fix yet besides that.

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@AndreiRD or @Deathwing182 thanks for reporting! I can reproduce it on an 8.0.0 cluster of my own.

I opened [Stack Monitoring] All nodes get the "master" star on instance listing · Issue #126557 · elastic/kibana · GitHub to get it addressed.

No problem, thank you for your answer!

Thanks for your input @Deathwing182!

Thanks, appreciate the assistance and glad to help :slight_smile:

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