Kibana_stats not collected when disabling telemetry


Today I noticed something strange in the data collection from Kibana. I'm currently using version 7.8.1 and have monitoring and collection enabled via:

monitoring.enabled: true
monitoring.kibana.collection.enabled: true

This configuration worked fine, until i disabled the collection of telemetry stats via:

telemetry.enabled: false

As soon as I made this change (and I can revert it as well), only one kibana_stats event was collected after the restart containing a lot of usage details. But from then on the original kibana_stats (with load, requests, etc) are not collected anymore.

I'd say this is a bug. Anyone who could confirm this? Or did I miss something? :slight_smile:

cc @Bamieh

Hi @Harm,

You are totally right! It is definitely a bug and it's already fixed in the 7.9 series.

For 7.8, there is a workaround: Keep telemetry enabled (this way the plugin will be initialised and the stats collector used for monitoring will work), but opt-out from sending any telemetry (so we don't report any telemetry to our servers). The settings are:

telemetry.enabled: true
telemetry.optIn: false

For more info about this and other telemetry settings, please, refer to the documentation at

I hope this works for you.

Thanks for your quick response. The workaround works fine for now.
We'll upgrade soon ! :slight_smile:

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