Kibana - Tie an index to a dashboard or Vizualization

Is there a way to tie a specific index to a dashboard or visualization?

I have, as an example, indices


I build visualizations against these searches, put them into a dash, then share the dashboard as a web link. How do I ensure the preferred index goes along for the ride, so to speak?

This seems pretty familiar to Visualization tied to an absolute date-range

They seemed like two different problems at the time, honest.

I don't quite understand this one.

When you have a saved visualization that you share via a link, it is already tied to an index pattern. In fact, once you create a visualization, the index pattern it's tied to is fixed and cannot be changed without messing with advanced options in Settings.

This is unlike the question about the time range in the other thread. Once you share visualization through a link with someone, when they click on it, they are taken to the Kibana UI. Once there, they can adjust the date pretty easily. I commented with some details on future enhancements and suggested workarounds on that thread.

I should have come back to update - but it's been a busy night.

I realized this when I exported a visualization to local disk to examine the JSON and LO there was the index pattern. An hour of edit, search, replace, import later I had things reasonably squared away.