Kibana tries to connect to

Hello elastic community,
any idea why Kibana tries to connect to for first 5-6 minutes after I start it?
I noticed this with version 7.17.9, but I think it was like this at least for all 7.17.X versions.

Hi @nisow95612. I'm not aware of Kibana trying to connect to this address. But I see that the add_cloud_metadata Beats processor can reach out to this address.

See also these links.

Yes, this IP address seems to be a "cloud metadata URL" or something.
But I am not aware of any configuration that would cause kibana need it.

It is a very standard kibana server installed from the official repository:
deb stable main

There are no plugins installed:

# su kibana -s /bin/sh -c "bin/kibana-plugin list"
No plugins installed.

But whenever I systemctl restart elasticsearch, these connections show up.

Also, wouldn't Beats processor run on elasticsearch ingest nodes?
When I restart elasticserach nodes they dont try to connect to

Ah, I am wrong. Kibana does use this endpoint for telemetry collection. I believe if you opt out of telemetry (i.e. telemetry.optIn: false in your "kibana.yml") it would stop these outbound calls.

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Well, thank you for the answer.
I was hoping that telemetry.sendUsageFrom: "browser" would be enough, but it isn't.
I tried disabling telemetry in Kibana advanced settings, but it wasn't enough.
I tried setting telemetry.optIn: false, but it wasn't enough.

I found that telemetry.optIn and telemetry.allowChangingOptInStatus cannot be both false at the same time, because Kibana will refuse to start with misleading error:
FATAL Error: [config validation of [telemetry].optIn]: expected value to equal [true]
I was worried it is a licensed feature, but it turns out that Telemetry settings for 7.17 are just different.

So I tried setting the 7.x-only telemetry.enabled: false, but it still has no effect.

PS: I am running the free/basic. I pushed for getting the Gold subscription, but it got discontinued.

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Oh, I didn't notice this line before. This is happening when you start Elasticsearch, not Kibana? If so, we should maybe move this to the Elasticsearch Discuss forum for a more appropriate audience?

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Thank you for spotting it. Unfortunately it is a typo on my side. I was already thinking about next paragraph where I mention this not happening when I restart elasticsearch.

To be clear:
When I systemctl restart kibana on the kibana server, the kibana server generates this traffic
When I systemctl restart elasticsearch on the elasticsearch servers, there is no such traffic.
When I systemctl restart elasticsearch on the kibana server, it gives "unit not found error"

Hmm, I'm not able to recreate this. Where are you seeing these requests being made? In the log file?

Ultimately, if you're not running Kibana on a cloud service VM like GCS, AWS, or Azure, these requests are to Link-local addresses meaning they are likely not accessing any external networks.

Yes. I would agree that request to a link-local address should not reach the internet. Unfortunately manufactures of all routers on the way turned out to disagree and exactly that happens: I am seeing these request on my internet uplink.

Since you repeatedly mention cloud it may be relevant that my Kibana server is a linux-KVM VM?

I confirmed that this connections attempt comes from the NodeJS/Kibana process:

# netstat -Wapnt | grep 169
tcp        0      1 10.x.y.z:45802      SYN_SENT    32440/node