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We have different users from different group and each group will have their own dashboard. When configuring the roles and map to the user we encountered the concerns below:

  1. Other's can see the link to other group's dashboard. How can we avoid this?
  2. Is there any control to remove menu on the left in a role basis (not the console.enabled etc.)? User shouldn't have access to License management for example and some other stuff.

In general, I have a feeling having no granular control because options are still available in the UI even if the user doesn't have access to it. Better to hide it instead.

Is there any work around on this? thanks

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It sounds like the new Spaces feature released in 6.5 may help accomplish most of what you're asking:


Hi lukas, thanks. I will try to explore this in 6.5 since it looks like my goal using 6.3 version is not yet supported

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