Clean up dashboard

I created read only user role, where I try restrict as much access as possible. However, even if there is no access to adding data, the links are still there. Also "news" from Elastic cloud and other extra highly disturbing elements.

Is there any way to customize the look of the screen after signing in (per user role)?

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Hi @Mik_a ,

Could your share the role details that you created, e.g. a screenshot?

I don't think you can hide the news, what other elements you do not want to see?

Regards, Dzmitry

Most important would be "Add data", "try our sample data" "ingest your data" in the Kibana front page. Or even better, to disable access to this front page, but not to the dashboard list.

In other cases we want to give access to one dashboard only, but not the dashboard list.

What comes to the dashboard itself we want to disable the top bar in some cases. We also need our logo there.

I do not know how to export the user role settings. However, Everything is disabled except for Dashobards is Read
and in Elasticsearch there is accesss to a certain index

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