Kibana user not able to see the dashboard data

I have a setup of elk 7.6.0v
I have created a user with dashboard access.
The user which has read privileges to the metricbeat index and dashboard.
I am facing issue, there is no data shown to user.

Have a look on the above image.
I am able to see other metricbeat dashboards in this user, but facing issue in this particular dashboard.
Index is same for all the dashboards.

Kindly help,


If you click the three dots on the top-right of a visualization, and then click on Inspect:

In the flyout, change View: Data to View: Requests:

You should see the query that ran for that specific visualization:

If you run this query as a superuser, is any data returned?

@Larry_Gregory thank you for your reply.

When I am running with the user which I have created, I am getting No request logged

When running with super user getting the same as above. May be this is due to TSVB visualization.

Kindly suggest what to do!!

Any suggestions of above query.
I have two dashboards with metricbeat index. I am able to see 1st dashboard of metricbeat index, but facing issue in 2nd dashboard. It is howing No data to dsplay for the selected metrics.
But I am able to see both dashboards in default space, not in the space which I have created role based.

Kindly help,

I had the same issue with my custom metricbeat dashboard. What I did:

  1. Go to Management
  2. Under Security, select Roles
  3. Create a New Role (eg _custom_role)
  4. Under Index Privileges, assign priviledge to the index you want to be accessible to your custom user(in my case, my index is metr*)
  5. Crate a New User
  6. Give new user the role of kibana_dashboard_only_user and _custom_role


Thanks for your reply.
I solved it by creating new user and new sapces. I did the processes again with scratch and it solved my problem.


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