Kibana Metrics UI with different user

With superuser all the infrastructure stuff is OK (logs & metrics).
With a different user (who has privileges to Infrastructure UI + all privileges to metricbeat* indices) the basic UI looks OK, but the "Metric Explorer" and "Metrics UI" does not provide any data.
Which additional privileges should I provide?
ELK: 7.4.2
MB: 7.6.1

By default the indices which are used by the Infrastructure UI are defined in xpack.infra.sources.default.logAlias and xpack.infra.sources.default.metricAlias within the kibana.yml file.

If you have set those values to something, you will want to grant those users read access to them. If not, they default to filebeat-*,kibana_sample_data_logs* and metricbeat-*.

You can find the rest of the Metrics settings available here:

Thanks, but that is not the case.
These are the privileges:

And these are the space privileges:

And the user with this role still cannot get data on the "Metrics explorer" nor on the "Metrics page" of the "Infrastructure" - while the superuser can see the metrics.
I guess it should be some privileges issue, but I do not know what.

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