Kibana users

where is kibana users get stored.How to retrieve if kibana pod gets deleted in elastic cloud

Hi @Shalinicts,

It depends on what users you're talking about. If you talking about users created in native realm then they are stored in a separate system .security-xxx index. You can read more info here


We are talking about RBAC users created in Kibana .Do we have to take backup of this index" security-xxx" index or " .kibana" index in elasticsearch to safeguard all created users as a backup.

Got it, you need to backup only .security-N index as explained here then. The .kibana-N index doesn't store any user or role information, it only stores "Saved Objects" (dashboards, visualizations, alerts, actions, index patterns etc. etc.).


If you are using Elastic Cloud then there are automatic backups taken every 30 min for you.

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yeah we are using elastic cloud in kubernetes.So we dont want to take any manual backup of index right.If kibana pod gets deleted and recreated, we can still get the users created right?

What do you mean by Kibana pod?

we are deploying elasticsearch , kibana in kubernetes (GKE).So kibana would be running in one of the pod .

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