Kibana V6.4.x contols parent control does not work as expected

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Kibana version V6.4.2
Firfox latest version.
I setup a FileName options, and then setup a LotNumber options whose parent is the FileName.
while I change the FileName drop down list, and apply the changes, the LotNumber list never changes, and it shows a lot of list, but those LotNumber list are all not belong to the FileName which choose from the FileName option list.

I have ever use V6.3.0 and it seems it works fine, dont know if any mistakes I have made in the visualization.

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I checked 6.3 and latest 6.4 main branch[6.4.3 tag] all works fine.
update: this 6.4 does not work too, it only can work if using the old node modules in 6.3.x.
dont know what happened in the latest release, did it really pass the test?

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anyone can confirm if this is a bug then we just use the old kibana 6.3 verison?

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any one has tried this in the latest release 6.4.x? the download version does not work as expected too.

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Can you add a screenshot on how the second filter is configured? Also, what options you have set in the Input control.

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let's say the top 10 Best-Selling Car Brands in Germany are:
No Brand Country
1 VW Germany
2 Mercedes Germany
3 Audi Germany
4 BMW Germany
5 Opel Germany
6 Ford American
7 Skoda Germany
8 Hyundai South Korean
9 Nissan Japan
10 Toyota Japan

so what I did is:

choose Country as the parent optional list in the Control, and then choose the Brand as the child optional list in the Control, and of course here need to set Country as its parent.

while I choose Japan from the Country optional list and apply it, then the child optional list Brand shows VW, AUDI, BMW,Ford,Nissan... yes, all the brands . And the expected filtered list should only contain Nissan and Toyota.

Kibana version is 6.4.2 and download source is the RPM package.
OS is cetos7


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this is a bug report found in 6.5.1, don't know anyone had ever test it in 6.x4x?

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