Kibana Visualizing Array fields in Dashboards

Hi I have created an array for family details.

filter {
mutate {
add_field => {""=>"%{familyMember}"}

So in here =["mom", "son", "daughter"]

I created Visualisation on how many employees have sons, daughters etc.

But when i filter the dashboard"son" it shows mom,father also.

This is because employees have both son and mother in array. But I need to show son value in dashboard.

Need a solution on this.

Which kind of visualization you want? Sharing the current visualization and the picture of what you want.
Most visualization can visualize terms count, which is the number of employees who have sons.

If you want to aggregate the number of "son" (one employee have multiple "son"s in the array), it is a bit complicated and you need script.

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