Kibana with no network at all

last week i tried to use Kibana+elasticsearch on my pc when i was on the train without network at all no lan no wifi.

it seems in that case it's not working even if the path is and kibana can't acess elasticsearch server.
elasticsearch seems to start as kopf plugin was ok to display elasticsearch status.

is there a way to make it work in that condition( even if i'm not on the train),


This use case should work, as Kibana by default connects to Elasticsearch running on the localhost.

  • Is there an error showing in the browser when you try to access the Kibana URL, or any error shown in the Kibana logs?
  • Have you customized your config/kibana.yml at all to maybe point to a DNS hostname for Elasticsearch?
  • Have you set any of the server properties in the kibana.yml, such as