[Kibana] Yield % over time


Let's say I have lots of logging data of a machine that bakes bricks. After a brick has been baked it will be tested to determine if the quality is within predefined parameters. Each brick that started the baking process will be logged and each successfully tested brick will be logged. Therefore we know how many bricks have been baked in total and how many where successful.

I have 3 types of bricks: A, B and C, so the logs of successful bakings of these bricks will look like:
[@timestamp] [Brick A] [OK]
[@timestamp] [Brick B] [OK]
[@timestamp] [Brick C] [OK]

The log of a brick (no matter which type) that has started the baking process looks like:
[@timestamp] [Baking Started]

Now I want to create a chart that will show the yield over a period of time (per week/month/year). So that means the number of successfully baked bricks (all types combined) compared to the total amount of baked bricks in percentages.

I have uploaded all this data in elasticsearch with logstash but I can't seem to figure out how to create this chart in kibana, can anyone help?


(Lee Drengenberg) #2

Are you describing that there's 2 log messages for each brick; one when "Baking Started", and one when it finishes? And the message when it finishes either has "OK" or something else if it's bad?

Or do you only get "OK" messages for good bricks, and no log message for bad ones?

If you get messages for all baked bricks (both OK and bad), then some Kibana charts have an option for showing the counts as a percentage. You could try that.

But if you need to take the count of OK baked bricks of each type as a percentage of "Baking Started" bricks of that type, you might need to use Timelion. Timelion is a plugin for pre-5.0 version of Kibana but it's built-in for 5.0.



Thanks Lee, with timelion I managed to get it working. Unfortunately it's visually less attractive than kibana (no tooltips for instance) but for now it will do.

(Lee Drengenberg) #4

Great to hear you got Timelion working. You can change some aspects of Timelion's chart, like changing line thickness and color, and changing from lines to bars or dots. But maybe not tooltips.


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