Kibana3 and Node.js and index Not Found

I am just trying to get Kibana3 up and running, and the shortest and
easiest evaluation path seemed to be using Node.js.

The ES Downloads page's Kibana archive does not contain a server.js file,
and the following site contained the only method that did, and also
referenced the ES github repository:

So I cloned the repo, but server.js is inside the sample subdirectory and
not the scripts subdirectory. So with that in mind, here is the updated
version of the text from the link:

*As states Kibana3 documentation, it’s ‘just’ a bunch of static HTML and

Javascript resources that can be put onto any reachable web server. For
test commodity, Kibana3 embeds a little Node.js server that can be run if
you’re lazy like me :*
~/dev/github/kibana3$ node sample/server.js
Http Server running at http://localhost:8000/

I can see src/index.html from the directory in which the node command is
running, and the Node.js server starts OK.

But when I connect to http://localhost:8000/index.html via the browser, I

Not Found
The requested URL ./src/index.html was not found on this server.

Is there some way to run Kibana as (1) a _site plugin with details on where
to put Kibana's files exactly? or (2) from Node.js but what URL to use when
it starts?

I managed to get Kibana up and running in one shot from another site's
github repository but I am not
sure of the version of Kibana 3 that is used there, and it would be nice to
go as directly as possible to the Elasticsearch sites, whether the
Downloads page or the official github repo, so that I can more easily get
the most recent updates as needed.



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