KQL bar limitation


what is the maximum number of values I can use to match in KQL query?

I have index which contains milions of rows of names and many columns related to them and I want to filter out lets say 50 names, but to click all of them out in Controls visualization would take me long time. Fortunetally, I have list of them in word separated by comma, so then I can easily do the query in KQL something like customer.name: Michael,Jacob,George,Danny,Peter.........
how many names I can filter out like that?

Thank you

Thank you

@Michael_Ubry, I don't think that we have a hard limit for this, I think this should work, only that the UX for this is less than ideal.

I'd suggest using a custom filter instead of a query string. You can hide all the complexity inside the filter editor:

Hi @dosant

and is there any possibillity to list values in the filter NOT using DSL but just filter bar "Values"? Thats more convenient for the user. Separating by comma doesnt work. Thanks

Not sure I understood the question correctly, but I assume you've asked if it is possible to copy-paste the list of values into that "values" input so that the list is recognized as multiple terms instead of a single term?

I couldn't make it work :frowning:

@dosant Yes thats what I meant. Ok Thank you.

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