Language Display in Kibana

Hi all,

I am having an issue with languages other than English being displayed in Kibana, for example Arabic. It comes back as a bunch of odd characters.

I have a field which is keyword, these display in English fine, but not in Arabic.

The strange thing is that Arabic text in the text field we have and username field displays fine. The settings for each field are the same, with the exception of the test field being an Analyzed field.

Any thoughts?


There's been initial work in Kibana to translate the application, and I'm sure there's updates we'll have to make for displaying results from elasticsearch too. If we can get steps I think this is worth filing as a bug in the Kibana repo.

Can you try querying elasticsearch directly and verifying that the field is coming back correctly/do you have an example we can use to reproduce? I gave a quick try with a small string but it seems to be displaying properly.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the response, much appreciated.

So to give you some context, we have an application that collects data from social media platforms based on keywords. These keywords are uploaded via a web interface we created and stored in an SQL database. Once searched the returned data is stored in Elasticsearch and visualized in Kibana.

It is interesting that posts and usernames returned display the correct characters, however the keywords do not. I am now wondering if this is an issue in the way non-English characters are being stored in the SQL database prior to be queued for search.

I will have to go back and check this.

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