Visualize/dashboard/saved_object search bar only support english?

I have some visualizations named by other language ,eg chinese.
Then i can't search them in search bar by chinese, only support english.
I can't find any settings in management.
My kibana version is 7.0.1 .
Thank you.

Hi @ma_kaven,

Would you mind filing a bug about that here? It doesn't sound right to me and I couldn't find any existing issue for that.


hi @azasypkin , thank you for your reply.
I am not sure it's a bug .

No worries, if something doesn't feel right to you, it's always better to file an issue and see what Kibana team thinks about it. In the worst case it will be closed with the clarifying comment, in the best case it's recognized as a bug and will be fixed :wink:

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