Large numbers in KQL is difficult

Hi ,
I want to query "event.duration" with KQL.
Problem is: event.duration is in nano sec, but since I am querying "Mysql Slow Queries" im interested e.g. is a query like this :

event.duration > 180000000000

which would give me als mysql slow query of more then 3 minutes length.
So the scale I am dealing with is seconds or minutes, but KQL forces me to write nanoseconds , which is very impractical.
Even when I change the the number format in the Index Pattern, Kibanas Discover will SHOW the event.duration in seconds , but will still interpret KQL QUERIES in nano sec. It does not even allow me to write at least

event.duration > '180,000,000,000' #does not work

Is there any way to make querying easier ? (Google didn't find help)



So you're having a long typed ES field, and you're formatting it as duration in the index pattern, right? There is currently no way to make it easier, however this sound like a good enhancement, so you could start an feature request here:

Many thx and best,

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