Legend hiding

I'd like to hide the legen in Kibana chart, permanently, like to get rid of it so it can't be even un-collapsed. I know people are writing code to achieve such things. May I know where/how to start? Any tutorial how to do such things? What are those 'enhancements' called in ELK, Plugins? Modules?

Hi, such extensions are called Kibana plugins. There is a guide here:

There is a non-comprehensive list of existing community plugins here, for learning by example:

There are also some tutorials out there, including this one by one of our own team members, Tim Roes. It was written several versions ago, but most of the information is still applicable to the current version (6.4). There are links to follow up posts as well:

Also, it is worth mentioning that we are open source, so feel free to contribute via opening PRs! A possible way to implement your feature idea is to have a setting that controls whether or not legends are available.

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