License issue on newly installed xpack

I have newly downloaded xpack for trial and I have followed all the installation process as stated in the document for ES and Kibana Alpha 5.0. However, it prompts me license issue when I open localhsot:5601

How this would happen?

Hmm, this may be a legit bug. Must do some research. What instructions were you following? Can you send a link?

Yes, you are most likely running into a legitimate bug we've seen in 5.0.0-alpha3. This should not happen starting with 5.0.0-alpha4.

In the meantime, try this workaround:

  • Start Elasticsearch.
  • Wait until Elasticsearch is listening on its HTTP port (default is 9200).
  • Then start Kibana.
  • Open Kibana in the browser.

Let us know if you still see the bug after trying the workaround.

Also, when I try to run the elasticsearch, it gives me the following error
Error: missingserver' JVM at C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_91\bin\server\jvm.dll'. This happen to the elasticsearch which have plugin x-pack

I'm not sure about the Elasticsearch JVM error message. I'm going to move this post to the Elasticsearch category, at least for now, hoping someone there will be able to help you with that error.

Is it that I could not install any plugin since ES alpha 5.0? Like install license?

Because it seems block me from installing any plugin