Need help (re)enabling xpack

I installed xpack on my OSX machine to test out the features (ES 5.5). The installation went fine and I saw the x-pack features in the kibana side-menu. I wasn't ready to play with it because I was still importing data.

I was using monitoring (marvel) and it had a message at the top about how the licence is going to expire.. so I looked into it and saw I could get the basic license for a year - so I did that and installed the license.

The problem is that I didn't realize that that meant the other part of x-pack were now disabled (I didn't look into what a "basic" license includes..). But I really want to test the x-pack features. I uninstalled x-pack from elasticsearch and kibana (in the process also upgraded to 5.5.1) but the xpack features are still not available.

How I can reset and start the license over again? I still want to try out the features.

And I think in general there should be some way to get a longer-term license for x-pack for testing/development - whether it's limited by cluster size/ number of node, etc. Something. IMHO, people that are trying to develop using your tools shouldn't have to pay for them to learn how to use them or evaluate (deeply) if the tools solve the problems I have.

You can contact the sales team to get an extension I think of the trial period.

Otherwise you can remove the data dir ( :warning: this will remove all your existing data) and start again.

Or create an other empty instance which has another cluster name (using another data dir) and then use reindex from remote to reindex your existing data from cluster 1 to cluster 2.

ok - figured it out.
my basic license was still installed, even though I had deleted xpack.

I uninstalled xpack
I deleted the license 'DELETE /_license'
I restarted elasticsearch to see that the license wasn't there (the endpoint isn't there..)
I stopped ES
installed xpack again (not sure if needed, but I always removed/installed ES and kibana)
started ES
check the license 'GET /_license' and see that it's the trial license again

Thanks - is there any issue with how I did it below? I like to not have to delete the cluster and start again if I don't have to (which I didn't seem to.. but I don't know if there are hidden repercussions.)

I'm in contact with sales - thanks.

Sounds like your method is better than mine :slight_smile:

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